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This Google AI Music Will Freak You the Hell Out

If you’ve played around with ChatGPT at all, you know how impressive (and terrifying) AI can be. ChatGPT can generate just about anything you ask it to, with prompts as simple or as complex as y...

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Why You Should Never Lease a Car

In the current inflation-ridden hellscape of a car market we’re experiencing, you might see some advice that leasing is a solution to your car-buying woes. Wouldn’t you rather drive a shin...

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Check Whether Your Ford SUV Is Part of This Recall

Ford has recalled 462,000 vehicles worldwide (382,000 in the U.S.) because of a video output failure that prevents the rearview camera image from displaying on the dashboard. According to a report fro...

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What's New on Paramount+ in February 2023

The gang’s all here for the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard (Feb. 16), as the Paramount spiritual revival of The Next Generation finally goes ahead and gives fans what they wanted a...

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How to Tear Masking Tape Perfectly Every Time

Like many households, we have a roll of masking tape in the kitchen junk drawer, and frequently use it for all kinds of crafts, labeling, and miscellaneous nonsense. But the edge is often torn in a wa...

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12 Things a Home Inspector Is Most Likely to Skip

Keeping a house in good operating condition is expensive and time-consuming, which is why some folks defer their maintenance or slap together sketchy DIY repairs when things go wrong—and then s...

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The Easiest Way to Sprout New Succulents

Cacti and other succulents have been popular houseplants for years now—and given how easy they are to care for, that’s hardly surprising. The downside? They can also be pricey. Read more.....

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You're Cleaning Your Mirror Wrong

In theory, cleaning a mirror shouldn’t be difficult. A few spritzes of a cleaning product, followed by a thorough wipe-down, seems like it should leave you with a streak-free, glistening reflect...

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The Best Way to Clean Your Laptop's Keyboard

As you’re probably well aware, your laptop keyboard is super gross—even if you’ve cleaned it relatively recently. The crumbs, dust, dirt, spills, and oils from your fingers accumula...

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Check These Spots in Your House for Hidden Mold

When you clean your home, you probably have it down to some type of routine: Tidying up and wiping down set spots in each room. But if that’s the case, it means that you might be missing some hi...

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When Is It OK to Cheat at Wordle?

Do you cheat at Wordle? That’s going to depend on your definition of cheating, of course. Peeking at somebody else’s screen when they’re solving is cheating. Googling “Wordle a...

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You Should 'Cure' Your Gummy Candy

If I have one hindrance as a food writer, it’s my textural issues—my aversion to the gelatinous and the jiggly. As a child, they were so bad that I refused to eat peanut butter & jelly...

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